Published On: Mon, Nov 24th, 2014

Members of Punjabi group spread message of peace on charity mission

Amritsar (Nov 24th) :- SIX members of the Malaysian Punjabi Bikerz recently left Petaling Jaya on an 18-day charity mission to ride to Amritsar, India to foster peace and unity.

The Punjabi Bikerz, who reached their final destination, the GoldenTemple in Amritsar on Nov 20, said it had been a truly great journey although they had to endure many obstacles and challenging moments.

The bikers left Petaling Jaya on Nov 3 and rode through bad weather and many rough roads while traversing Thailand, Myanmar and India before finally reaching the GoldenTemple in Amritsar.

Ravin Singh, a lawyer, said they had plannned the ride since 2010.

“We knocked on many doors and explored many avenues to make this trip a reality.

“During our mission we were always asked how our journey was. Initially it was easy but it got tougher along the way.

“The ride from Petaling Jaya to Chumpon, Southern Thailand was long and we got wet in the rain many times and had to stop at unplanned spots to spend the night.

“We also encountered problems during border crossings,‘‘ said Ravin Singh, adding that it was an overwhelming feeling and achievement upon reaching their final destination.

The Punjabi Bikerz was born in 2008 with the sole purpose of uniting Sikhs and non-Sikh bikers around Malaysia.

The club’s founding member, Gurwinder Singh said such rides could pave the way for more groups from various races and religion to attempt similar endeavours.

Gurwinder, 29, said the GoldenTemple was not only a significant destination for Sikhs as it was their holiest temple, but riding there by bike could make it a memorable experience for anyone, irrespective of religion.

“We met and befriended many people of different backgrounds and religions during our journey but all share the same course which is to foster peace and harmony.

“While we are a Sikh group, we also have a non-Punjabi with us as there is no requirement that only Sikhs can make the trip to Amristar.

“Chua Chern Kwang is the most experienced rider in the group and is definitely the backbone of our team.

“Despite not being a Punjabi, Chua has shown great passion for this ride, he has even grown a moustache for this ride to blend in the group of Punjabi men,’’ Gurwinder said with a laugh.

Gurwinder took leave from his job as an insurance agent to fulfil this mission.

“We hope we will be an inspiration to younger generation that there is a lot more to motorcycling that just a form of commuting.

“Riding is a great way to travel the world and meet new friends,’’ said the father of two.

Since its inception, Punjabi Bikerz have organised many charity rides, visitedgurdwaras in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand as a sign of their commitment to the cause.